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Unconventional Distillery Launches at Lincoln Castle in Style

Oct 3, 2019

The launch of Unconventional Distillery Co has been coming around for a long time, and what better place to do it than the Lincoln Castle! Our product is made in Lincolnshire, we live in Lincolnshire and love Lincolnshire! On Thursday 26th September, we hosted an event with free rum cocktails, entertainment, food and a go big or go home mentality! This is a mantra that Sam has always carried throughout his business career and it’s worked out well so far! Determined to make noise in Lincolnshire and beyond, Sam turned to Kiera two months earlier and said; “we are going to launch in the Castle and it will be spectacular”, and low and behold, it was.

Around 250 guests arrived to taste our rum, eat, drink, be merry and enjoy music from the amazing local band ‘Vigilantes’. We also had circus performers wowing the crowd and Strait & Narrow expert cocktail makers creating four incredible cocktails using all four of our rums; Pioneer, Pathfinder, Original & Time Machine. Samosa Wallah was also there, providing authentic samosas with added charm and a cheeky grin. Salted Orange Food Company handled the rest of the food, serving a range of delicious canapes and arrival drinks.

Our Pathfinder and Time Machine varieties had been kept secret until the launch and we are so happy that we can finally talk about them! Pathfinder is our alcohol-free spiced rum that fooled a few people at the launch, and Time Machine is a rapid-aged rum that tasted like a 6-8 year-old aged spirit but in just 6 days!

Sam spent the evening networking, socializing and dreading his speech, Ryan popped up occasionally and Kiera spent the whole night running around making sure it all went to plan whilst looking extra cool wearing a walkie talkie. Sam said this is the first of many great Unconventional events and that he plans to have an Unconventional Festival held at the Castle once a year full of everything weird and wonderful! After the launch, we sauntered smugly down to the after party at the Strait & Narrow, feeling like we had put on a great party, made some sales, and hopefully created a buzz around our products for potential stockists and customers.

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